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Water transmission and distribution

Mott MacDonald has undertaken feasibility studies, detailed design and construction supervision of many water supply schemes worldwide. These have included river intakes and pump stations, raw water transmission pipelines, water treatment works, forwarding pump stations, transmission mains and service reservoirs. Schemes include water supply to both major urban areas and small rural communities.

Transmission pipelines have been designed to convey a range of liquids including potable water, seawater, sewage and irrigation water, together with pipelines for the oil and gas industry. Over the last ten years more than 10 000km of pipelines have been designed with diameters ranging from 75mm to 4m and pressures ranging from low pressure gravity pipelines to high pressure pipelines rated at 1,500m head.

We have undertaken designs for various ground conditions, including poor ground, and are familiar with a wide range of materials including prestressed concrete; reinforced concrete; steel; ductile iron; asbestos cement; glass reinforced plastic; PVC-U; MDPE and HDPE.

Bangalore Water Supply, IndiaIn selecting the most appropriate pipe material for a given scheme we consider the ground Fabrication and testing of pipes, Bangalore Water Supply and Wastewater project, Indiaconditions along the pipeline route and assess the performance of the pipe material in terms of durability, resistance to chemical attack, corrosion and abrasion. We also recommend the most suitable external and internal coating and if cathodic protection is required. The above aspects are considered in conjunction with the cost of procurement and installation to provide the most economical solution.

In addition to undertaking the detailed design of a scheme we also undertake other studies including environmental impact assessments and financial analyses. Financial analyses can simulate the operation and performance of pipeline systems and this enables optimisation of pipeline design, the phasing of development and recommendations of operating procedures.

Comprehensive knowledge of the way a distribution system will operate can be gained through modelling and is essential to the efficient design of a distribution system. Modelling can be used at all stages of the asset cycle. As a planning tool, it can be used as the basis for master plans and strategic studies. As a design tool, it can be used for the sizing of mains and the location of reservoirs and pumping stations. As an operational tool, it can be used to identify constraints in the system and poor operational practices; and in real time, to monitor and control system operations. Mott MacDonald has broad experience in the construction and use of hydraulic network models.

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